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Entry #1


2009-10-04 15:05:24 by BrutalBanana

HI! It's January... Yeah..
Um.. bye.

Thanks. Enjoy,



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2009-10-23 15:03:17

Hey if you like working on pokemon stuff, why don't you get in touch with Giantsockmonster, he might need some help on the pokemon stuff he's doing at the moment.

BrutalBanana responds:

I dont actually likke pokemon. I just felt like making a music video


2009-10-23 15:06:32

kinda off on the vid

(Updated ) BrutalBanana responds:

:/ Meh.


2009-10-23 15:09:23

I won't lie, your movie was horrible, but I watched it all so it had a good hook I admit.

I know you are new, so I won't give you a hard time, in fact quite impressive for a newbie, all I say is keep trying and get better, my old ones suck too, but I am getting better.

Also, avoid using pics as much as possible, they take up alot of space, and they make you look cheap, but I understand for that movie.

good luck

BrutalBanana responds:

Thank you


2009-10-23 20:30:28

Cool. I like your logo/symbol thing, the brutal bannanna. It made me laugh a bit.

(Updated ) BrutalBanana responds: